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Furuya Chronicle: Always open up the state of art

Since it was founded in 1918 (7th year of Taisho Period) as the pioneer of button manufacturing in Japan, Furuya Industry Co., Ltd. has always been ahead of the times and working on technological innovation and cutting-edge product manufacturing.
Pioneer spirit to cut roads without paths. This is the driving force of Furuya Industry Co., Ltd. that has not changed since its founding.



[Early days] Button manufacturing pioneer

1918 Paying attention to the westernization of the Japanese people, Jusaburo Furuya founded the Furuya Button Factory in Kokubun Town, Tennoji Ward, Osaka City, as the pioneer of button manufacturing in Japan.
1923 Started manufacturing hook buttons made from ivory nuts (coconut seeds).
1927 The factory relocated to the current location near the place of origin of Jusaburo Furuya (Fukuzumi, Sasayama-cho, Taki-gun).
1942 Was designated as a Navy Military factory and started manufacturing Navy dress buttons.
Palm seeds and buttons椰子種子とボタンView of the factory from 1927

[Development period] Plastic mold business is blooming

1948 In preparation for the golden age of plastics, the material for hooks and buttons was changed into plastic (thermosetting resin), and a direct pressure molding machine for plastic was introduced.
1955 Started manufacturing polyester shirt buttons.
1959 Introduced an injection molding machine and started manufacturing all-plastic hook and button. After that, we developed business in the injection molding field more and more actively.
1961 Started manufacturing plastic heels for chemical shoes.
1965 Reorganized into a corporate organization with a capital of 15 million yen and established the company name as Furuya Industry Co., Ltd. Jusaburo Furuya was appointed as President.
1970 Jusaburo Furuya became Chairman of the Board, and Toshitsugu Furuya was appointed President.

雨ガッパ用プラスチックホックPlastic hooks for raincoats



First injection molding machine introduced



Heels for Chemical shoe

[Innovation period] Technology to support the Japanese apparel scene

1975 Started manufacturing parts for apparel products.
1977 Developed the world's first fully-adherent non-breaking injected sole for golf shoes.
1979 Built 2nd factory along with the introduction of the first multi-material injection molding machine.
1980 Started manufacturing 2-color molded products for golf & sports shoes soles, and apparel related parts.
1982 Jusaburo Furuya becomes a part-time director.
Built and relocated into new company building (2-story administration building, 3rd factory).
Developed a composite material of rubber and plastic. Expanded applications to various products from various industries, such as bags, office furniture, and watch bands.
サッカーシューズの広告Soccer shoes advertisement

[Breakthrough Epoch] Challenge new possibilities for plastics

1989 Established a joint venture, "Marito Capital Taiwan Co., Ltd." with Morito Co., Ltd. in Taichung, Taiwan.
Built a 2-story state-of-the-art factory and completed catering facilities, as a commemorative project for the 70th anniversary of our founding.
1990 Toshinobu Furuya was appointed as President. Doubled the capital to 30 million yen.
1995 Thositsugu Furuya was reappointed as president, due to the death of the current president.
1996 Introduction of the first DSI injection molding machine.
1997 Contributing to the G-Shock boom.
1999 Installed clean room along with participating into medical industry.
2000 Acquired ISO 9001 quality management system certification.
2001 Acquired ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.
2003 Toshitami Furuya was appointed president.
Started accepting Vietnamese trainees.
2004 Established Furuya Hong Kong Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong.
2005 Increased the capital to 45 million yen due to the investment of Osaka. Small-and-Medium Enterprise Investment Development Co., Ltd.
2007 Opened Tokyo Sales Office.
2008 Recruiting Vietnamese engineers.
2009 Full-scale start of in-house die manufacturing.
Clean room expansion.
2010 Dissolved and withdrew from joint venture "Taiwan Marito Capital Co., Ltd."
Closed Hong Kong Furuya Hong Kong Co., Ltd.
Established FURUYA INDUSTRIES (THAILAND) in Ayutthaya, Thailand
Introduced LSR (liquid silicone) compound molding machine.
Adopted support subsidy for MONOZUKURI Product Development in Small-and-Medium Enterprises, 2009.
2011 Started production in FURUYA INDUSTRIES (THAILAND) factory.
Thailand factory suffered total damage due to the great flood in Thailand.
2013 Adopted support subsidy for Monozukuri Product Development in Small-and-Medium Enterprises, 2012.
2014 Adopted subsidies for Monozukuri, commerce and service innovation projects in small-and-medium enterprises & small businesses, revised in 2013.
2015 Established child-care facility “Cactus House” in office site.
Adopted subsidy for innovation in Monozukuri Commerce and Services revised in 2014.
2016 Completed 2nd factory in FURUYA INDUSTRIES (THAILAND).
Completed LSR (Liquid Silicone) factory inside the company.
Adopted support subsidy for new development of Monozukuri, Commerce and Services, revised in 2015.
2017 Adopted subsidy for new manufacturing/commerce/service development support in 2016
2018 Hyogo Work-Life Balance Company Commendation Award Winner
revised manufacturing, commerce, service management power improvement support subsidy in 2017
2019 Technical Center Completion.
Myanmarese trainee Acceptance Start.
Manufacturing/Commerce/Service Productivity Improvement Promotion Subsidy in 2018
2020 Acquired IATF16949:2016 quality management system certification.
The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency:Business continuity strengthening plan certification
Continued certification as a company promoting harmony between work and life in Hyogo

DSI射出成形機第1号機First DSI injection molding machine



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