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Management Style

We create new parts through the latest molding technologies

The power of Furuya to shape our Customer's dreams

Furuya Industrial Co., Ltd. takes the role to meet the various expectations of our customers in a speedy manner. At the same time, we must continue to protect our DNA, which is “trust” that may further sublimate "customer satisfaction".
The source of this "trust" is our "high-tech manufacturing" through our unique molding technology.
Then, we must bring to the world “high value-added products” created in factories that have state-of-the-art equipment that maintains a clean environment.

We will go for the pleasure to shape our customers' dreams, by promoting operation in working environments where both people and products are clean.


Cactus management – turn impossible into possible

The moment when we get the strongest fighting spirit is when we hit a challenge we have never encountered.
"Could we make this product?", "Could we use this material?" Every time a difficult offer is received, Furuya Industrial Co.,ltd. staff members have managed to manufacture products that overturn common sense, by gathering their wisdom together and greedily take in new technologies and know-how.

Injection molding is the thick trunk that we have grown over many years. New problem-solving processes will sprout branches of further technologies and will also become large trunks. This "cactus-type" management style has blossomed for multiple large flowers called "trust" for Furuya Industrial Co., Ltd.





Promptly respond to the needs of any industry

The product fields that we have been working on so far cannot be explained in one word.
Open up new possibilities of manufacturing in wider fields. Because this is Furuya's spirit of challenge, which has not changed since its establishment.

Automobiles, watches, camera & electric appliances, medical care, apparel, etc.
Furuya’s cactus has been growing larger and larger as we have shaped our infinite dreams into shapes, one by one, while receiving a wide variety of orders from all industries as food for thought.

The state-of-the-art equipment made by considering safety and environment is prepared today for the next generation of manufacturing, whether in luxuriously green Tamba-Sasayama or in our overseas production bases starting from the Kingdom of Thailand.

Looking for new worlds! Promptly and all completely respond to the needs of any industry.

クリーンルームClean rooms that meet the needs of advanced industries