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Insert molding

Enables a wide range of development, as various insert materials such as metal, film, fiber, ceramic can be processed.

Insert molding is a technology of making products that integrate metal, film or resin molded parts of the same or different type by inserting them in advance into the mold.
This technology allows obtaining much higher strength and durability than in the case of inserting and adhering these parts in further processes.
Insert molding allows development of a wide range of products that take advantage of each material, by combining the rigidity of metal and the flexibility of plastic, combining the soft feel of fiber and the durability of plastic and so forth.


Application example: Medical parts Car interior parts Terminal parts, etc.



Features of insert molding

・Enables making of strong and highly reliable products, since the parts to be molded are inserted in advanced

・It can handle various insert materials such as metal, film, fiber, and ceramic, to meet the molding needs of all industries

・Insert parts can be completely enclosed in resin depending on the mold structure