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Business System

An infinity of solutions

Full support from business planning to quality control

Furuya Industrial Co.,ltd. has an complete support system that can meet all needs from business planning to product design, mold design & manufacturing, injection molding, up to quality control.
Our endeavor is to propose the best forms for the infinite dreams without a shape that our customers envision.



Business planning and Proposals

Starting from customer needs, our experienced development staff will repeatedly provide concept proposals, model making, material proposals, and decoration proposals and so give clear shapes to vague product concepts.
We promptly pack commercialization plans including delivery time, cost, and production systems by leveraging our domestic and overseas networks.

Product design, Design Reviews

[Originating brain]
Each manufacturing starts with product design and design verification. Furuya Industrial Co., Ltd. always has the latest design tools. We won't miss even on complex and minute shapes.
We will confront difficult challenges using our know-how inherited from predecessors and also the flexible ideas of our employees.
Furuya's "brain" will gather here to shape our Customer's image.


Mold design and production

We design and manufacture high-precision molds with an accuracy of 1/1000 mm unit using the latest NC machine tools equipped with digital control systems. We can fully respond to needs of dies that are becoming more precise and more complex year by year due to the demands of the times.



Automation equipment production

Our uncompromising production process creation done by our staff is done by aiming to full automatic lines and realizes optimal mass production and reduced man-hour.



Startup verification

Each manufactured molds is repeatedly tested and tried until stable molding can be proved.
There are quite a variety of verification items:
material strength and flexibility, mold accuracy, product shape, functionality, mass production stability and so on.
We stack up verification until we are satisfied using the latest image measurement and testing machines.

Mass production molding

Achieve not only general-purpose molding but also two-color molding, DSI molding, our uniquely developed weld-less molding (f-tech-Mold), and simultaneous compound molding of liquid silicone and thermoplastic resins in a molding factory equipped with optimal air conditioning.
We meet all the needs of the most advanced industries.

Quality Management

Finished products undergo strict quality checks, such as appearance, dimensions, functionality, strength, etc. so that high quality and highly reliable products are released to the world.
Our company independently developed state-of-the-art automatic inspection devices that make full use of industrial robots.
These devices enable us to aim to stabilize the inspection level by machine OK /NG decision concerning various defect types of various products with atypical shapes.