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Thermoplastic/LSR multi-material molding

Thermoplastic refers to thermoplastic resin, while LSR to Liquid Silicone Rubber


This technology enables developing of products in a wide range of fields that were previously impossible, by adhering silicone rubber to thermoplastic resin.

This is a technology to bond thermoplastic resin and liquid silicone rubber (thermosetting), which need mutually different processes, in the same process.
This technology enables product development in a wide range of fields that could not be handled conventionally, by bonding of silicone rubber and thermoplastic resin, which have better physical properties by comparison to elastomers (i.e. permanent compression strain, heat resistance, and electrical insulation).
Product shaping and mold design are easier, since there is no need for joining using anchors, bridges, etc. as bonding is performed chemically.


Features of Thermoplastic/LSR Multi-Material Molding


Features of Thermoplastic/LSR Multi-Material Molding

  Compression permanent bending Heat resistance Weather resistance Flexibility Electrical insulation Cold resistance Cost
Silicone rubber



Adhesive resins



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