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"Cactus House" - in-site childcare facility certified by the Hyogo Labor Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Supporting "Work-life balance", harmonizing work and life for female employees to enable work and childcare.

"Cactus house” is an in-site childcare facility opened as a welfare provision, that was opened on the premises, with the purpose to support "Work-life balance" and enable our female employees to work and also care for their children, to harmonize work to life and follow into a more stable employment.

This new support system for children and childcare that started in April 2015 has been promoted for the employment of women, and we will strive to improve employee satisfaction.


In-site childcare facility "Cactus House"



Equipment Outlines

Location 112 Osawa-shin, Tamba-Sasayama-shi, 669-2211
In Headquarters Building
Building structure Wooden
Main facility Nursery 98.90㎡ Fully-equipped with floor heating
Childcare room 26.00㎡, baby room 18.00㎡, rest room 2.48㎡
Cooking room 9.80㎡, toilet 13.75㎡, entrance hall and others 29.95㎡
Capacity 6 people (up to 19 people)
Childcare staff 1 full-time employee
Other part-time employees to be placed (variable due to number and age of children)
Program Time: 8:30 am - 6:30 pm
Use Fee: Monthly childcare fee ¥7,000