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DSI molding

It is a molding technology that demonstrates its power into the realization of products featuring hollow structures or complex structures with built-in components.

DSI (Die Slide Injection Molding) is an injection molding method that enables quick and accurate molding of hollow bodies with complex internal structures.
It consists into a primary injection by which a semi-finished (divided) product is molded, then by molding a hollow body by sliding a hydraulic mechanism, and by a secondary injection for melting and joining. DSI technology eliminates problems such as uneven wall thickness or weak joining strength, which appear in conventional hollow-body molding methods.

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Features of DSI

DSI の特徴
DSI の特徴


Application example

Automotive Resonator chamber, intake manifold, intake pipe, fuel filter, fuel floater
Office equipment Copiers, toner containers, ducts
Home appliances Washing machine drain pipes, refrigerator ice water tanks
Others Auto-winder mouse, blower fan



Molding process