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Secondary processing

Secondary processing refers to secondary technologies to improve design, texture and function.
We propose the most suitable processing methods according to the customer's needs.

2色成形+メッキ■2-color molding + plating

Luster/Satin plating, Trivalent chrome plating


■Molding (2 colors or single color) + multi-step decoration

Printing, painting, vapor deposition, laser cutting

成形+組立■Molding + assembly

Unit assembly (board + 15 molded products)
Ultrasonic welding/net assembly


■Molding (2 colors or single color) + vapor deposition (continuous/discontinuous)

Al vapor deposition, Sn vapor deposition, In vapor deposition, Cu vapor deposition, etc.
*) Vapor deposition on POM/PA is available

エラストマー成形+加飾■Elastomer molding + decoration

Painting, printing, coloring


■Elastomer molding + vapor deposition

Undercoat → vapor deposition → topcoat