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We in Furuya Industrial Co., Ltd. are willing to satisfy our Clients towards each of their needs, based on the following philosophy and policies.

Management Philosophy

1.We will strive to become a company that is respected and can contribute to the local community by doing efforts to cultivate a trustful relationship with our business partners, based on the company motto since our foundation, that is "Trust".

2.We aim to be a company where employees trust the company, its directors and team managers, are proud of their work, and have a sense of solidarity with the colleagues they work with.

3.We will do our best so that the management, employees, and the three shareholding companies share the awareness of being "community of fate" by completing our management organization to involves all our employees, and to wish for the well-being of employees, the prosperity of the company, and the return to shareholders.

創業者直筆による社是「信頼」の碑The monument bearing our company motto "Trust" written by the founder

Basic Management Policies

1.Concentrate on our “Cactus management” that organically develops management resources such as “people, things, money, technology, information, tradition”, which are our accumulated assets.

2.Contribute to the creation of a pleasant society by pursuing convenience, functionality, and aesthetics of products and also by discovering seeds and doing effort to develop products that anticipate customer needs.

3.Provide maximum customer satisfaction at minimum cost.

4.Work diligently on each of our jobs with "wisdom, motivation, and speed" without refrain from any effort and stick to "no compromise, no excuse, no giving up."


Quality Policies

Quality Policies
Provide quality that can earn the trust and satisfaction of our Customers.

1.Strive to continuously improve Q (quality), C (cost), and D (delivery terms) according to changes in customer requirements.

2.Set quality targets in the annual management plan and strive to achieve them.

3.Continuously improve our quality management system.

4.Comply with relevant laws and regulations requirements.


Environmental Policies


Furuya Industry Co., Ltd. clearly grasps the impact of its production activities to the environment during the processes of designing, developing and manufacturing injection molded plastic products.
We will contribute to the realization of a more prosperous society and environment by considering global environmental protection as our most important challenge and respecting the natural processes of the Tamba region through environmentally friendly production activities.


1.Aim to continuously improve environmental performance by establishing an environmental management system.

2.Make efforts for waste reduction, recycling, energy and resource saving, development of new environmentally friendly products, prevention of pollution by green procurement, and for environmental protection.

3.Strive to improve environment protection by complying with environmental laws and regulations, Tamba-Sasayama City Environmental Conservation Ordinances, internal regulations, etc.

4.Set environmental targets in annual management plans, design and execute specific plans, and periodically review them in order to realize our environmental policies.

5.Provide education and training to enable our employees to do their daily actions by disseminating our policies to all of them.

6.Distribute or publish our environmental policies when requested from external parties.


Management policies


Harmony not sycophancy, harmonize into rigor